Customer Service


The philosophy of our business is focused around providing good customer service. It is, in our opinion, crucial for long-term business growth. We work hard to make sure that every time a customer interacts with us, they receive quality services.

Customer complaints are significant feedback, and our policy outlines how to handle them through a formal procedure. In order to reduce the likelihood of any such issues arising in the future, a review mechanism supports the Grievance Redressal process. The following principles guide the Grievance

Redressal policy:
  • At all times, we serve our customers fairly and with the utmost care.
  • Customer’s complaints are treated with respect and are resolved promptly.
  • Customers are made aware of how to escalate their complaints forward within the organization, as well as their rights if they are not satisfied with how their complaints have been addressed.
  • The employees work honestly and impartially in the interests of the clients.
Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Customer service is our primary concern, and we're committed to offering them the best services in the industry. Although every effort is made to provide our customers with the best services possible to prevent complaints, customers are informed that they can record their complaints, if any, in writing or verbally.

The consumer can reach out to any of the service touch points listed below to register a complaint, and they can anticipate a response within a defined period of time after filing the complaint.

Service Touch points are as indicated below –

Customer can call our dedicated Helpline number +91 8956077440 between 10:00 to 18:30 Monday to Saturday (except second and fourth Saturdays of a month and public holidays)


Customers can write to us at the following Email ID :


Customers can come to our office and hand a letter of complaint to the Customer Service Officer or any other member of our office staff. The customer is encouraged to request a receipt acknowledgment with a date from the office staff member.

The company currently only has a branch in Pune.

Complaints Register at Branch

Complaint registers are available at our office. Customer may write down their complaint or concern in the register.
The complaint register is checked by the Customer Service Officer on regular basis for action/resolution.


Customers can write to us at:
Customer Service Officer
4Fin Finance Pvt. Ltd
3rd Floor, Park Plaza,
Near Pune Central Mall,
Shivajinagar, Pune 411005.

Escalation Matrix

The customer may escalate the complaint to the next level as described below if they do not receive a response within the stipulated number of days specified below for each level or if they are dissatisfied with the response received.

Primary Level

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution received from above channels, or if the customer does not hear from us in 14 days, the customer can write to the Head Operations and Customer Care at
Customers are required to quote the complaint reference number provided to them in their earlier interaction, along with their loan account number to help us understand and address their concerns
The customer would receive a response within 14 business days and due efforts will be taken to resolve the complaint well before that.

Secondary Level

If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution received or if the customer does not hear from us in 30 days, then he may escalate his grievance to the regulator at the below address:

Reserve Bank of India,
Regional Office, DNBS, Fourth Floor,
Opp. Mumbai Central Station,
Byculla, Mumbai – 400 008