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Account Receivable Solutions for Enterprises

Acting as a Catalyst for Enterprise Supply Chain & Reducing Its Account Receivables

4Fin offers reliable supply chain financing solutions that benefit both Enterprise/Anchors* and its Channel Partners*. As an innovative lending entity, we specialize in empowering Anchors by offering them hyper-customized financial solutions that enhance their supply chain efficiency. By facilitating smoother transactions and ensuring timely payments, our solutions create a ripple effect, providing immense support to the MSMEs within Anchor’s network. Experience the transformative power of 4Fin’s Supply Chain financing and unlock new avenues of growth for your business ecosystem.

*Definition of Anchor - A Business house that can be a Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler or Dealership that has an established downstream supply chain. 4Fin understands the subtle nuances of Anchor’s Business Model to provide an ideal solution in terms of Account Receivables Management.

*Definition of Channel Partners - The Entities which form part of the downstream network of an Anchor’s Business. Channel Partners often face unique challenges, including limited access to credit and resources. 4Fin makes use of the data provided by the Anchors to fulfill the business potential of such entities.

Increase in Sales Volume

By partnering with 4Fin and providing working capital access to its downstream partner network, the Anchor generates a notable increase in sales volume. The Anchor thereby becomes the enabler of optimal inventory.

Customized as per Business Cycle

Our highly customizable solutions, allows the Anchor to synchronize the availability of working capital with the fluctuations in its business cycle. During peak seasons or promotional periods, our lending solutions ensure that Anchor’s network has adequate funds to meet the heightened demand, thereby capitalizing on growth opportunities

Increased Cash Flow

Anchor promptly remitted payments owing to the downstream invoicing, ensuring a steady stream of funds. It strengthens Anchor’s financial position, enabling investments in growth initiatives and more effective management of their working capital requirements.

Lower Accounts Receivable

Disbursements to Anchor by 4Fin on behalf of its network ensure reduced accounts receivable. This enhances Anchor’s overall cash flow management.

Optimized Supply Chain

Our innovative lending solutions become pivotal to the Anchor as they stabilize the entire supply chain by avoiding stock-outs and delays in order fulfillment due to insufficient funds in their network. This enhanced stability further enhances Anchor’s reputation and fosters stronger relationships.

Savings in Borrowing Cost

When 4Fin provides working capital availability in Anchor’s network, Anchor is able to reduce their account receivables. This releases capital for them and thus they save on borrowing costs.

Scalability across Products and Geographies

Leveraging our highly tailored lending solutions, the Anchor enjoys remarkable scalability. By extending working capital to its network in different regions or for new product lines, the Anchor successfully penetrates and strengthens its market share, and capitalizes on economies of scale.

Lower Working Capital

The Anchor can rely on 4Fin to fund its network, alleviating Anchor’s financial burden and optimizing the utilization of its own working capital.

Increased Buying Capacity

By availing of our working capital offerings, Channel Partners can enhance their purchasing power. This enables them to procure larger quantities of products and expand their inventory, leading to increased variety and availability of goods for their customers.

Weightage to Anchor Relationship

Relationship data (Sales & Payments) with the Anchor can provide a significant boost to the profiling criteria for the Channel Partner. This helps them to avail the maximum benefit with respect to their financial requirements.

Hassle-free Onboarding

4Fin streamlines the onboarding process for Channel Partners by leveraging the data provided by the Anchor. This simplifies the application and approval process, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens for the Channel Partners. A hassle-free onboarding experience enables them to access working capital quickly and focus on their core business activities without unnecessary delays or complexities.

Reduced Cost of Capital

With tailor-made lending solutions made available by 4Fin with Anchors’ understanding, the need for Channel Partners to avail conventional modes of funding (not suited to their business models in many cases), allowing retailers to allocate their surplus funds to other critical business areas or invest in growth initiatives.

Better Inventory Management

With increased working capital, Channel Partners can manage their inventory more effectively. They can maintain optimal stock levels, avoid stock-outs or excess inventory and ensure operational efficiency.

Limit Usage as per Purchase Cycle

Our innovative lending solutions are designed to align with the purchase cycle of the Channel Partners. This ensures that the funds are utilized optimally and efficiently. By limiting the usage as per the purchase cycle, they can avoid over-borrowing or misallocation of funds, leading to better financial discipline and resource management.

Better Financial Management

Our working capital solutions become enablers to the Channel Partners to effectively manage their cash flow and working capital requirements. With access to timely funding, they can meet their short-term liquidity needs, pay suppliers on time, and maintain a healthy cash flow cycle. This helps in avoiding cash crunches, late payments, and associated penalties or disruptions in business operations.

Increase in Sales

Access to working capital from 4Fin empowers Channel Partners to seize business opportunities promptly. They can quickly replenish stock, introduce new products, run promotional campaigns, or expand into new markets. By capitalizing on these opportunities, retailers can increase their sales and revenue, ultimately driving business growth.

Customized Loan Product

4Fin tailors working capital solutions to the specific needs of Channel Partners. We consider factors such as the industry, business size, cash flow patterns, and historical sales data provided by Anchor. Customization ensures that the loan product aligns with the Channel Partners’ requirements, allowing them to address specific challenges or capitalize on unique growth opportunities.

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