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Working Capital for MSMEs

Providing MSMEs with effective cash flow solutions that support their day-to-day operations

At 4Fin, we understand the critical importance of providing MSMEs with efficient cash flow solutions that not only support their day-to-day operations but also fuel their long-term business prospects. That is why we offer Flexi Loans, a powerful financial product tailored to meet the unique needs of MSMEs.

With Flexi Loans, MSMEs gain the advantage of a predetermined credit limit that they can utilize as and when required. This provides the necessary liquidity to manage working capital needs effectively. The businesses thus overcome short-term cash flow gaps and seize business opportunities like fulfilling immediate orders and navigating unforeseen expenses without disrupting their operations.

The loan product offers a seamless borrowing experience, empowering MSMEs with the flexibility to withdraw funds as per their requirement and repay them within the agreed timeframe. This on-demand nature of Flexi Loans ensures that businesses have access to funds exactly when they need them, eliminating the need for lengthy application processes or repeated loan approvals.

Key Features of Working Capital

Flexible and Dynamic Solution

Predetermined Credit Limit

On-demand Fund Withdrawal


Seamless Borrowing

Enabler of Optimal Cash Flow Management

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